VIA Carrier Mobility

“Track Any Truck, Anywhere on Any Mobile Device”

Introducing VIA Carrier Mobility

Tranztec Solutions proudly introduces our VIA Carrier Mobility System. Using the latest smart-phone technology, Tranztec has created a software application that will allow 3PLs, logistics companies, and brokers to seamlessly track and communicate with their assigned trucks using the driver’s mobile device’s already built in GPS and wireless network capability.
VIA is designed and integrated to work seamlessly beside a client’s existing TMS and relay with the exact geographic location back to operations in real time. VIA also acts as a 2 way messaging portal from the moment a truck leaves the dock to the instant the shipment is delivered allowing users to forward additional load information, status updates, and shipping documents directly.

Constant Awareness of Any Truck’s Position

Using VIA eliminates the need for call-ins entirely. The result is increased productivity and reduced costs while at the same time providing your customers superior status information.

Works on Any Device

VIA comes complete with an extremely user friendly interface: A driver simply logs in using their mobile device, instantly receives all the necessary information for the trip, and begins transmitting data back to your TMS. VIA works on both smart phone and standard devices.

Fully Customizable

VIA Carrier Mobility is fully customizable and can be modified through the Workflow platform to fit your individual needs. Create custom rules in a snap without needing the help of a programmer.

Key Features

  • Ability to track the exact geographic location of any truck in real time
  • Enabled 2 way communication with any truck at any time
  • Ability to receive PODs, BOLs, and other important documentation instantly
  • Ability to receive or send updated load information to the driver
  • Ability to integrate fully with your existing TMS system

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate the need to make constant calls to drivers to check status
  • Stop the need to manually input documents & load data into your TMS
  • Cut down on labor costs and reduce workforce
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction
  • Improve Your Bottom Line

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