Document Management

“Reduce spending, wasted time, and error, automate your documents today”

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

At Tranztec, we understand how your business process runs. From receivables to payables, driver records management to compliance documents, we have the expertise and knowledge to set up your system specifically for your needs. We have set up document management systems in a variety of size organizations, with a goal of providing a system that will reduce costs while improving efficiency and compliance. We specialize in finding the best solution for your needs, and won’t leave your side until your new document management system is functioning at 100% efficiency.

Main Features of Document Imaging Solutions

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  • Prevent lost records
  • Secure valuable data
  • Save storage space
  • Manage records easily / at a lower cost
  • Search and find documents quickly
  • Automate document distribution
  • Reduce laborcosts
  • Save money!

Improve Customer Service

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  • Faster response on customer inquiries
  • Faster response for collections research inquiries
  • Fax/Email documents directly to customers at time of request

The Cost of Doing Business With Paper

Paper costs

Customized Solution for the Transportation Industry

Document Management for Transportation Industry

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