Voice Over IP Telephony

“Seamlessly connect your phone & computer systems”

Introduction to VoIP

In today’s business world, where memos have been replaced by e-mail and the company calendar is now a groupware application, integration of telephone and computer messaging systems is a necessity. Voice over IP (VoIP) is a communications technology that breaks down analog phone conversations and formats them so they can be transmitted over your existing computer network, Wide Area Network (WAN), or even the Internet. Voice and data integration allows the user to combine their computer and phone systems to create a more powerful, productive, and convenient messaging environment.

Make the switch

With Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions, voice and data can now be converged into a single platform for communication. Tranztec’s VoIP solutions allow your employee’s Inbox (Using Outlook or other groupware solutions) to serve as their single source of communications. Why have separate e-mail, voice mail, and wireless messaging solutions? With Unified messaging you can merge voice mail with the users’ e-mail, allowing for single location storage and retrieval of messages.

Additional Uses

Beyond Unified messaging Tranztec can take Voice and Data integration to an even higher level of productivity and simplicity with TAPI integration. TAPI allows us to integrate your phones with popular applications such as Outlook, ACT, Goldmine (and more) to allow automatic dialing of a phone number direct from your contact list, tracking of calls made, and automatic display of contact records on incoming calls (Caller ID required). Our integrated telephony solutions are advanced enough to handle the needs of the largest call center, but cost effective enough to be implemented by the smallest of companies.

Simple Installation Process

In most cases, VoIP systems can utilize existing computer network wiring, thus avoiding the need to maintain two separate wiring systems and significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Additionally, because VoIP uses standard TCP/IP network communications you can connect phone systems in remote offices to your corporate headquarters creating a completely integrated and unified enterprise-wide phone system. In some cases, by utilizing VoIP over the internet, you can even reduce or eliminate long distance costs to remote corporate offices.

Because since VoIP phones look and operate just like standard phones, no one but your accountant will be able to tell the difference between a VoIP system and a high priced PBX. VoIP phones have all the features you’d expect in a high-end PBX system (and more), but without painful programming and administration. Everyday tasks – such as adding or changing an extension, programming a feature button, even managing and recording an auto attendant – can be easily accomplished using a web based user interface from any computer on the network.

We will handle everything for you

Tranztec’s certified IP Telephony engineers can design, install, and support a complete VoIP solution for any size company. Whether you are a small business getting started or a large enterprise needing call center solutions, We can show you how VoIP can reduce your communications costs, increase your productivity, and make your phone system work for you!

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