5 Innovations Crucial To Modern Logistics

With new technological advancements arriving on the market every day, today’s top companies are constantly reinventing the way business is conducted in order to remain competitive against the opposition.

The logistics industry has become a beacon for this mentality, due to its fast paced environment and overwhelming competition. “The reality is in the transportation industry, if you’re not automating your systems to work as efficiently as possible, you are being left behind,” says Tranztec Solutions, an innovator and provider of add-on software solutions.

New software and technological advancements have allowed automation to integrate into just about every sector of the logistics industry. “Automation is not only more productive, leaving your workforce to focus on revenue generating activities, it is less error prone, and will save you thousands of dollars a year,” Tranzec stated.

Tranztec then provided a list of 5 outdated activities that they believe are lethal in today’s fast paced environment and offered their recommended solution.

#1: Manually entering data into spreadsheets: In today’s day and age, spending countless hours doing anything that can be done in seconds is a waste of time, but physically entering and organizing raw data will not only cost you time, it may cost you customers. The truth is using human resources to input data only leads to errors and mismanaged information and these crucial mistakes could result in poor customer service.

Tranztec’s A2A Integrator can seamlessly transfer data from any website or software application to your own.

#2: Utilizing countless employees to track and communicate external fleets: In the past, third party logistics companies and freight brokers had no way of tracking their assigned trucks without relentlessly calling each truck multiple times a day to check in. This lead to any 3PL involved in moving heavy amounts of loads having to hire heavy amounts of employees. This practice is outdated and leads to stunts in company growth.

Tranztec’s VIA Mobility App utilizes a driver’s mobile device’s built in GPS to track and communicate with any truck, anywhere.

#3 Waiting for Proof of Delivery and other crucial documents: The internet on a consumer level has been out for some time now, and emails have just about eliminated the need for paper mail altogether, yet in trucking, companies are still accepting BOLs in paper form. Companies are waiting days to receive POD documents and drivers are waiting up to weeks to get paid. This time has passed forever.

Tranztec’s VIA Mobility App allows drivers to instantly send POD by utilizing their mobile device’s built-in camera feature and their Tranzactor Workflow program can even govern exactly what department will receive what documents.

#4 Spending thousands of dollars a month in VAN fees: In the present market, many companies require documents to be sent in their desired format in order for their system to accept them. This lead to the rise of Value Added Networks who translated one’s native EDI into the receiver’s preferred EDI. The problem with using VANs is every time a message is sent, it costs you money. With the use of FTPS and internet connections across the board, this outdated method isn’t really necessary.

Tranztec’s Tranzactor EDI Program uses a company’s existing network connection and translates to and from EDI messages to your desired format for free.

#5 Using Paper Documents: Using paper documents is not only more expensive, it is insecure, hard to manage, and wastes storage space. Paper documents are hard to find and result in increased labor costs and decreased productivity and they often end up lost or misplaced.

Tranztec specializes in document management solutions and can set up a system to fit any company’s individual needs.

“Modern day business is equipped with tools they never had before,” said Tranztec, “workforces are now working side by side with computers in order to reduce tedious tasks to a minimum and maximize profitability. Business has been and always will be built on human innovation and creativity, this will never change, what the automation of systems will change is the amount time that can be spent being innovative or creative.”

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