Tranztec’s dRM System

Tranztec Introduces dRM

It’s easier to recruit, hire, and manage you driver’s with Tranztec’s dRM Application

In today’s logistics industry, drivers play a key role in a company’s success and ability to accomplish financial goals. A large problem plaguing modern logistics is the high driver turnover rate.

Recruitment is difficult and hiring a new driver is a detailed and expensive process. It sets the stage for potential distractions from legal and negligence issues and on-going vigilance is required in order to manage the driver tests, drug tests, license expirations, etc.

Tranztec’s Driver Relationship Management System (dRM) is designed to meet the needs of carriers who have time and resources devoted to the management of truck drivers.

Tranztec’s Driver Relationship Management System automates and streamlines your recruiting efforts minimizing time and costs affiliated with driver management, personnel files, and communications. The results are lower cost recruiting, better relationship with driver’s, higher retention rates and collectively, and better identification of firm wide FMCSA issues that can result in costly fines, audit and disciplines.

The Driver Relationship Management System can be configured to meet the needs of a single user HR or recruiting department or can be scaled to meet the size and performance needs of larger firms. The systems is based on a Microsoft development framework and built in the knowledge that every firm is different and modifications to the software must be fast and easy to customize the system to fit unique business circumstances. Using Microsoft’s Azure technology the system may be configured and managed as either an “in the cloud” system and hosted external to the firm or it may be installed and integrated into existing IT infrastructure.

Included are software modules that assist the busy trucking firm with recruiting, applicant management, on-boarding, record keeping, performance management and off-boarding process.

Driver relationships are like cash, they need to be managed and maintained. The days of trying to manage driver records and processes manually based on paper records or even with a document management system are long past. Driver Management requires collaboration and real-time access. Tranztec’s DRM System implements calendaring, databases, emailing, reporting, and alerting to accomplish this allowing you to better maintain your current relationships as well more effectively onboard new ones.

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