Technology Set To Change the 3PL Market

VIA Set To Change The Way Fleets Are Managed

Every once in a while a product comes along with the ability to change an industry forever. With the integration of more affordable GPS tracking systems, freight companies we are able to implement hardware technology into the cabs of the fleets enabling them to seamlessly track their locations at any given time. This opened up numerous additional opportunities beyond simply pinpointing destination delivery times such as bulking loads together using trucks in a certain area thus saving millions of miles a year as well as their carbon footprint.

Whereas, the asset owned freight companies utilized the new technologies to manage their large fleets using minimal man power, the third party logistics companies were not as fortunate. Being that 3PLs don’t actually own the fleets they work with, merely broker to them, 3PLs were forced to employ heavy workforces burning up countless hours to achieve the same goal, that is, until now.

In early 2014, Tranztec Solutions, a leader in the integrated software development used in the logistics industry announced that they would be releasing a program to the public which would allow 3PLs to track any truck in any location across the world without the need to install any hardware. Tranztec calls this software their Driver Mobility System and it utilizes the driver’s mobile device’s built-in tracking unit to accomplish what only hardwired hardware devices could in the past.

“The Driver Mobility System we are developing is going to change the way third party logistics companies operate on a daily basis,” Tranztec’s Marketing Manager explained, “The application will save countless hours while at the same time providing more accurate information than ever experienced in this industry prior.”

The Driver Mobility Program will be available to 3PL companies in June and will come in 2 versions that will cover the entire cellular market specializing in both the smart phone as well as standard mobile device sectors. Tranztec’s software will be completely integrating to work will popular TMS software already in place.

For more information about Tranztec Solutions and their Driver Mobility System, visit their website at or call 888.854.0099.

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