VIA® Visibility


Shippers are demanding carriers and brokers provide real-time visibility to orders and shipments in the freight industry. VIA® Visibility cloud platform easily extends a carrier’s and broker’s legacy TMS making critical load data accessible to customers. Integrated to many leading carrier TMS and telematics applications used by mid-size to large fleets, VIA® Visibility also provides mobile or SMS messaging data access to small carriers and owner operators. Flexibility includes both REST api and EDI support and customizable automated workflows.

Via Map View

VISUAL: See your world

View each load in a map view with the ability to drill down into the details of an individual load including breadcrumb trails. Quickly reference what is on time and what is running behind. Share with your customers and provide 100% visibility to their freight.

Via Visibility flowchart

COMMUNICATE: Real-time insights

VIA® Visibility’s extensive standard integrations and partnerships with both the leading carrier TMS and telematics solutions ensures the accuracy and quality of load data providing customers real time insights into the status of a shipment.

Tranzactor Flow


In addition to supporting modern api technology, VIA® Visibility takes the requirements of EDI and brings into the twenty-first century by providing load visibility in a cloud extension to legacy TMS applications. A library of maps ready to deploy enable faster implementations at a fraction of the traditional cost. No VAN fees and subscription pricing that scales with you.

via partner network

COLLABORATIVE: Partner Network

Invite customers and partners visibility access to critical load data. Add anyone to your network to instantly share load status, delivery information and other mission-critical information in real-time.

VIA Mobile Design and SMS Design

Portable: Small Carrier Support

For small carriers or owner operators, provide shipment visibility through our easily to deploy full featured driver workflow mobile application, or for those small carriers or owner operators desiring a streamlined and easy to use app-less experience, deploy SMS dispatch messaging.

VIA® Visibility

VIA®, our cloud-based over-the-road freight platform, provides connectivity and real-time visibility into shipment data across all transportation modes. VIA® easily integrates into whatever system you use and delivers enhanced visibility to your data and workflows — and a hassle-free road trip for drivers. VIA® connects everything and everyone together — providing visibility into all the important data points you need to run your business effectively. VIA® gives you the tools to communicate the information you need precisely when it’s needed in the most direct and effective manner possible. This keeps you firmly planted where you need to be — in the driver’s seat.

Easy to use

Is simple to use because a driver only sees what they need to see, and that information is entirely customizable

Realtime Visibility

See everything in real-time

Universally Mobile

VIA Mobile can be used on any mobile device


Connected with a vast integration library and syncs with all major
TMS platforms


It keeps drivers happy by using a messaging system and allows them not to have to talk with dispatch
Via on a Laptop for Desktop verison.

VIA is the easiest visibility platform to use. Entering data into multiple systems can lead to mistakes, and errors cost money. Give your customers peace of mind with VIA.