Stand out to your customers with our CRM

Effective use of a TMS in conjunction with CRM improves efficiency for both operations and sales. Many businesses make major investments in the right software platforms but if they aren’t fully integrated, productivity is inhibited and customers are negatively affected.

We have worked in the integration space for over 20 years and now deliver seamless integration between your TMS (Transportation Management System) and CRM (Client Resource Management) Systems.

Our CRM integrator utilizes 2-way synchronization to update contacts, notes and financial data across widely deployed Transportation Management Systems such as TMWSuite®, TruckMate® and McLeod® and popular CRM platforms like SalesForce®, Zoho®, and Microsoft Dynamics®.

CRM integrator is also built on top our industry leading Tranzactor™ Integration Suite and is part of an extensive line of transportation integrations delivering imaging, mobilecomm, fuel, EDI and many other solutions all designed to reduce cost, break down data silios, and automate processes.

Many other integration systems require additional programming, modifications and produce a custom integration. Our CRM integrator is a standard solution that will enable you to quickly utilize their technology investment more effectively.