Integrations for every part of the Trucking Logistics Industry

In today’s fast paced logistics industry, streamlining efficiency and productivity is crucial to staying competitive with the market. If your business is spending countless hours and relying heavily on human resources in order to input, manage, and track your data, you need the Tranzactor Integration Suite.

Tranzactor Integration Suite is the result of 20 years of professional research and development in the logistics industry. We have considered the underlying problems that companies of all sizes and markets face and strive to implement innovative systems to help. We do our due diligence so you don’t have to by constantly working on creating new innovations and software updates to the suite insuring that we are a permanent solution to your problems.

Our Integration Suite consists of 2 separate platform offerings: Tranzactor A2A Integrator & Tranzactor EDI Integrator.

Tranzactor A2A Integrator is a state of the art business automation and integration platform designed for enterprise wide process automation, data transformation and decision support. Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator allows users to create business logic and automation workflows easily with a drag-and-drop, Visio style graphical editor. Integration and automation of all aspects of a company’s business is now possible without the need for a large programming staff.

Tranzactor A2A Integrator comes standard with an extensive integration library which covers the most popular transportation applications available on the market today. Users can link platforms such as FleetLocate™ and TMW Synergize™ directly with their transportation management system or any other application. Full business automation across an entire enterprise is now possible whether in the cloud or on-premise.

Automating your systems allows faster information flows as well as enhanced business decisions and outcomes. The result is better asset allocation, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced administrative costs.

Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator enables full business automation through quick and easy application integration. Additonally the platform can be utilized to accelerate deployment of new software applications, leveraging a company’s initial investment.

Tranzactor A2A Integrator’s workflow based interface makes it simple to learn and easy to modify. The platform requires minimal resources for IT departments and can reduce software development costs up to 90%. In addition to the base Tranzactor offering, we also offer Tranzactor™ EDI Integrator which provides an alternative to VANs with NO monthly fees to eliminate EDI communication charges.

Tranzactor™ EDI Integrator was created with the idea that EDI should be part of a larger process. Companies should have the ability to control their EDI cost. Tranzactor™ EDI Integrator integrates EDI into your business process so that it becomes a valuable part of your daily operations and not just a stand-alone silo.

Tranzactor™ EDI Integrator is a proven cost-saving EDI solution. It enables automatic translation of EDI formatted documents directly into a company’s database without transaction or communication costs. With Tranzactor™ EDI Integrator, companies that use EDI to communicate with their trading partners can now use direct FTP or AS2 communications through existing internet connections. Unlimited data can be sent and received, while reducing costs for data-entry, billing and customer service. Customers in the transportation / logistics / supply chain industries find they better meet customer requirements while significantly reducing costs when using Tranzactor™ EDI Integrator.

Tranzactor™ EDI Integrator is designed to manage the entire life cycle of your documents including mapping, process execution, monitoring and error-handling. Documents are extracted, translated, and distributed without user intervention. Acknowledgments sent or received are monitored, processed and transmitted automatically. The use of alerts or notifications update users on sent and pending transmissions.