We Are Attending Geotab Connect 2020

We are kicking the year off right with another visit to one of our favorite shows of the year – The Geotab Connect Conference. This year the conference is being held in beautiful downtown San Diego and we are expecting quite a turn out.

We have been partners with Geotab for about 4 years now and our VIA® Mobile application runs on hundreds of trucks using the Geotab solution across the country.

This year we will be introducing the Geotab Marketplace to an a completely new version of VIA® Mobile which we are referring to as V3.

V3 is the biggest update VIA® Mobile has ever received and boasts a whole new list of features we can’t wait to show to our customers. Here is a quick summary of what our new app offers to Geotab customers.

Everything We Had Before – Improved & Re-Imagined

Every screen and every feature of VIA® Mobile has been completely re-worked for V3. With this said, there isn’t one thing you can’t do in V3 that you could do in the past. If you are unfamiliar with our current app, here is a brief summary of what it does.

  • VIA® Mobile is a driver workflow application that works as an add-on to your Geotab DRIVE app and allows drivers to send and receive load and stop information straight from your company’s transportation management system. Data shared includes:
    • Position Reports
    • Arrival / Departure Status
    • Instant Messaging
    • Trailer #
    • BOL #
    • Reference #
    • Piece Count
    • Hours of Service
    • Proof of Delivery (Image Capture)
    • And much more!
  • The VIA® Mobile application also integrates your Geotab telematic device with just about every major TMS on the market including, but not limited to:
    • TMWSuite
    • TruckMate
    • TL2000
    • Innovative ICC
    • 3GTMS
    • McLeod
    • And Many More!

New Exciting Features – Raising The Bar On Driver Retention and Productivity

Beyond bringing back every feature, VIA® Mobile V3 also adds an entirely new set of features we are extremely excited about which include:

  • Driver Tasks System (available now)
    • Perhaps the biggest and most anticipated feature launching with V3 is our new tasks system. Tasks allow operations to create custom tasks that a driver has to perform and check-off on their mobile app before arriving or departing from a stop.
  • Driver Points of Interest (coming soon)
    • Points of interest are another huge change coming with V3. This feature vastly improves the driver’s quality of life by providing information to nearby rest stops, re-fueling locations, food, and just about anything else the driver is looking for in order to make their life easier on the road.
  • Available Loads (coming soon)
    • VIA® Mobile V3 has also greatly improved our loads screen by now allowing drivers to not only see their assigned loads but browse through a list of available loads from companies they are currently working with in which they can choose to accept or decline.
  • Signature Capture (coming soon)
    • This has been a requested feature since we launched VIA® Mobile and we are proud to say it will soon be a reality in 2020. Drivers will be able to capture signatures on their mobile device using the built-in touch screen.

James King & Brad McMichael will be representing Tranztec this year at Geotab Connect and would love to show you how our new mobile app can help your business. We strongly recommend you come and say hi if you happen to see them there (just look for the guys wearing the Tranztec logo polos).

We look forward to seeing you there!

We hope you enjoyed this blog, if you want to learn more about Tranztec or VIA, we would love to hear from you through our instant chat, social media, contact page, or phone.

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